Film, 2022, 98 min
Argentina / Brazil / France / Mexico

Lalo is a sex-influencer: he posts nude photos and homemade porn videos for his thousands of followers on social networks.
Lalo runs his own life, but intimately, out of character, he seems to live in a permanent melancholy.
Where does desire itself go when life becomes a sex show?
Pornomelancolía takes pornography as a starting point to reflect on the relationship between sexuality and work, on being public and feeling alone, on the characters we build of ourselves to show (or hide) from the world.

Lalo Santos
and Diablo, Brandon Ley, Chacalito Regio, Delmar Ponce,
El Brayan, Lothar Muller, Mauricio Alivias, Adrián Zuki, Juan Ro,
Octavio, Turko, Netito
Screenplay Pio Longo, Manuel Abramovich, Fernando Krapp
Cinematographer Manuel Abramovich
Editor Juan Soto Taborda, Ana Remón
Production Designer Dudu Quintanilha
Sound Lautaro Zamaro
Production Companies Gema Films, Desvia, Dublin Films
Executive Producer Clarisa Oliveri
Producers Gema Juárez Allen, Rachel Daisy Ellis, David Hurst

with the Support of:
Ikusmira Berriak (Festival de San Sebastián)
Mecenazgo GCBA
Fonds d’Aide Acquitaine
Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD
IDFA Berha Fund
Tribeca Film Festival

San Sebastián Film Festival - Official Selection - Jury Prize for Best Cinematography - 2022
Zurich Film Festival - 2022
Reykjavik International Film Festival - New Visions Competition - 2022
Bogotá International Film Festival - 2022
Taipei Golden Horse International Film Festival - 2022
FIFIB International Film Festival of Bordeaux - International Competition - Grand Prize - 2022
Thessaloniki International Film Festival - Round Midnight - 2022
IDFA International Documentary Festival Amsterdam - Best of Fests - 2022
This human world International Human Rights Film Festival - 2022
Black Movie Festival - 2023
Queer Porto Film Festival - 2023
Belgrade International Film Festival - 2023
Queer Moments - 2023
Docaviv - 2023
Filmfest München - 2023
Frameline LGBTQ+ Film Festival - 2023
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Horizons - 2023