since 2021 - Creator and Director - DIP: Documental, Intimacy and Staging.
since 2019 - Guest Lecturer - MA ‘Cine Alternativo’ EICTV. Cuba.
since 2019 - Individual Mentorships for Artists and Filmmakers.
2023. Mentor of the Opening Scenes Lab - Visions du Réel. Switzerland.
2022. Mentor - Vrijplaats Residency. Amsterdam.
2021. Workshop “Intimacy and Staging” - Vrijplaats Residency. Amsterdam.
2020. Master Class “Staging Intimacy”. Doc Montevideo - Semana del Documental.
2020. ‘The skins of cinema’. Guest Lecturer - Princeton University.
2020. Open City Documentary Festival. Lecturer ‘New forms of Documentary Storytelling’.
2019. Common Ground: Intimacies. DAAD Gallery. Berlin.
2019. Artist Talk: Intimate Dialogues - Berlinale Talents.
2018. Mentor - Labex Argentina, Buenos Aires.
2018. Documentary Mentor - Tres Puertos Cine, Mexico.
2018. Mentor. Berlinale Talents - Camera Studio. Berlin, Germany.
2017. Mentor. Union Docs (New York, USA)
2016. Mentor. Werkleitz (Halle, Germany) EMARE Residency

A space for mentoring and individual dialogue for artists of any discipline who are in need of a dialogue and exchange on their projects. The meetings are designed for filmmakers and artists who need to generate a counterpoint or who feel the need to establish other views on their own work, the approach can be on a specific project, or on a more general vision of the work, practice and artistic journey. Individual feedback of films in editing stage and/or scripts in the process of writing. Projects at any stage of development, writing, production or editing.